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About Us

Wassef Group is a leading exporter and manufacturer of cotton and cotton blended knits in Egypt.


Founded in the early eighties by Joseph Wassef, the corporation is now considered one of the pioneers in the field of ready-made garments and textile production with a capital of over $50 million and expansion of 150,000 M2.


Our group withholds four specialized independent companies:


Fabulous Sportswear is a private free zone company, specialized in knitting, piece printing, embroidery, cutting, sewing, ironing, and packing.


Rotex for Dyeing & Printing plays a major role in the vertical continuity of production process of the Wassef Group as a whole, as well as for other garment manufacturers in Egypt.


Wassef Group Tekstil office in Istanbul, Turkey is considered a liaison office for the Euro-Med region, sourcing, and design centre for "Wear To Go".


Fabulous "Wear To Go" has emerged to become one of the leading young and contemporary fashion brands in Egypt.


Throughout the years, the group has successfully built and shaped itself into a fully integrated vertical production operation allowing each unit to work independently in all stages.


Our chain of companies specialize in each phase of production from knitting, dyeing, rotary, digital and piece printing, embroidery, cutting, sewing, and packing.


Wassef Group is constantly keeping up with the world technologies, innovations and fashion trends, diversifying into other fields of textile industry, as well as upgrading and updating the efficiency of each production phase. 


We at the Wassef Group operate as one big family, by promoting and motivating from within our staff, whereby collectively paving the way to successfully serving our customers needs.

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