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Since its foundation in 1993, Rotex has constantly invested in the latest technologies and machinery, and it has grown to be the largest leading and most technologically advanced dye-house in Egypt.




The factory has a state of the art laboratory to conform to the highest international dyeing and printing standards.


The Data 120tb dispensing machine, and the Spectrophotometer, (spectraflash sf 600 + ct) enables Rotex to produce lab-dips of most concentrated colors in less than 72 hours.



As the fundamental source base for the dyeing industry, Rotex's machine list speaks for itself, enabling Rotex to dye up to 15 tons a day.



Rotex offers several different types of printing to its clients such as pigment, disperse, discharge and reactive.



Rotex engages a team of highly educated technicians dedicated to satisfying the day-to-day market demands, as well as foreign experts adding value and technical know-how to all operations.


Rotex Co. is able to offer Peaching, Shearing, Emorizing and washing capabilities.




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